Solinst Warranty

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Solinst Canada Ltd. (Solinst) hereby warrants to the user, subject to the conditions outlined herein, that all standard products manufactured by Solinst, will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three years from the date of shipment from Solinst. The 3001 Levelogger® 5 Junior, 880 Field Tables, 9100 STS 5, 9200 RRL 5, 9700 SolSat 5 Telemetry Systems, 401 Waterloo Multilevel Systems and 403 CMT Multilevel Systems, have limited warranties of one year, and the 415 12V Submersible Pump has a limited warranty of 90 days.

Solinst warrants to repair or, at its option, replace any such defective equipment determined to its satisfaction to have a defect in workmanship or original material, upon return of such defective equipment to Solinst with all shipping charges prepaid by the user, provided that written notice and an explanation of the claimed defect is promptly submitted to Solinst.

In no event shall Solinst be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages, abuse, acts of third parties, environmental conditions, force of nature, or for installation, adjustment or other expenses which may arise in connection with such defective equipment. Further, this warranty shall not apply to damage to the equipment caused by incorrect installation, usage, storage, alteration or inadequate care.

This warranty does not apply to parts, assemblies or devices not manufactured by Solinst which are covered by other manufacturers' warranties. There are no warranties except as specifically provided in writing herein.


October 24, 2023