9500 LevelSender

solinst levelsender telemetry system for leveloggers

solinst levelsender telemetry system for leveloggers

The 9500 LevelSender is a simple, low cost telemetry system that is compact enough to fit inside a 2" (50 mm) well casing. You can connect a Levelogger and Barologger to one LevelSender device. System setup is ideal for adding telemetry to existing Levelogger installations on Direct Read Cables. Also compatible with LevelVent dataloggers.

The LevelSender uses GSM cellular communication to send data from connected Leveloggers in the field to a Home Station PC database, as well as your smart device using email or text messaging.

Initial set up is done through a user-friendly software wizard at the Home Station. There is two-way communication between remote Leveloggers and the Home Station, allowing remote updates as required.

In addition to water level, temperature, conductivity, barometric, or rainfall data, battery level and status updates from the remote LevelSender are received with each data report.