3001 Levelogger 5 LTC

solinst levelogger 5 ltc water conductivity dataloggers


The Levelogger 5 LTC (Level, Temperature, Conductivity) combines a datalogger that stores 100,000 sets of readings, 8-year battery, pressure transducer, and temperature and conductivity sensors within a sealed 22 mm x 208 mm (7/8" x 8.2") stainless steel body with a PFAS-free, corrosion-resistant PTFE coating (inside and out) baked on using polymerization technology.

The 4-electrode platinum conductivity sensor autoranges from 0–100,000 µS/cm, and for highest accuracy, the calibrated range is from 50–80,000 µS/cm. Conductivity calibration is simple using Solinst Levelogger PC Software or the Solinst Levelogger 5 App Interface and a smart device. The Levelogger 5 LTC is simply programmed to record at intervals as often as 2 seconds. Event-based and customized scheduled sampling, are also options.

The Levelogger 5 LTC is compatible with Solinst accessories including the DataGrabber 5 data transfer device. Integrate into a Solinst Telemetry System for remote watershed monitoring. The Levelogger 5 is ideal for providing a general indication of changes in water quality.

®Levelogger is a registered trademark of Solinst Canada Ltd.