Assessing the transport and fate of MTBE amended petroleum hydrocarbons in the UK Chalk aquifer

solinst petroeum fuel formulations downhole geophysical fracture logging verticle hydraulic profiling multilevel sampling verticle solute profiles distribution of contaminants image

G P Wealthall, S F Thornton and D N Lerner
Groundwater Protection and Restoration Group,
University of Sheffield, UK


Dissolved Phase Plume

The LNAPL has migrated below the water table, with dissolution of the product resulting in contamination of the saturated zone with a range of petroleum hydrocarbons including diesel range organics (DROs), benzene, toluene, m/p-xylene & o-xylene (BTEX), MTBE, TAME and other aromatic compounds. Two superimposed plumes are present in the contaminated aquifer at this site:

solinst dissolved phase plume lnapl product dissolution lnapl migration saturated zone contamination petroleum hydrocarbons diesel range organics DRO superimposed plumes contaminated aquifers organic contaminant depth profiles image

Selected organic contaminant-depth profiles at 30 m from the source
(a-e) and 115 m from the source (f). Concentration expressed as ug L-1.