Waterloo Multilevel System

Multilevel System for High-Resolution Monitoring

This Waterloo System was set to monitor 15 discrete sampling intervals within 1 Rotosonic borehole. The detailed vertical monitoring provided the necessary information that would have been missed with fewer monitoring zones.

Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation 26, No.4 Fall 2006, Pp. 57-73.

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Multilevel Monitoring Well Installations

General Discussion on the advantages of Multilevel verses cluster and nested type wells. Focusses more on Waterloo style multilevel verses conventional wells.

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Design Considerations for Multilevel Monitoring Wells

Provides helpful hints, "do's and don'ts" for planning successful multilevel well projects. Discusses differences between conventional and multilevel wells. Project involving eight multilevel wells in California is presented.

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Multilevel Groundwater Assessment of Confining Unit in a Bedrock Sequence near Sarnia, Ontario

Discussion of two sites in Ontario instrumented with Waterloo Multilevel Systems. A general description of Waterloo System components is provided for installation. Preliminary results and interpretation of data are examined.

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