Power Winder Instructions

solinst model 101 power winder 116159 shown facing left and facing to the right

Solinst Model 101 Power Winder (#116159)


Installation Instructions

  1. Use a large flathead screwdriver or 8 mm (5/16") wrench/ socket to loosen the two gear clamps. (When you first receive the Power Winder, the gear clamps will be loosened.)
  2. adjusting the power winder before installing on a reel


  3. Be mindful of the potential pinch-points of the swing arm motion. Use the 'heel' of your hand to push firmly down on the roller drive shaft until it reaches the base plate. Push the locking pins into the holes on the swing arm. This will hold the spring-loaded swing arm in place. Ensure the pins are pushed in all the way. This will hold the rollers out of the way while installing on an SC1000 (small) reel.
  4. Note:

    If installing on an SC2000 (medium) or SC3000 (large) Solinst reel, step 2 may not be required, as there is enough space between the frame and hub to easily fit the Power Winder.

    push the locking pin into the hole on the swing arm


  5. Place the reel on its side with the faceplate up.
  6. Slide the Power Winder base onto the left leg of the reel frame, with the rollers towards the hub. Ensure the base of the Power Winder is pushed all the way back on the left leg of the reel until it stops.
  7. sliding power winder down the legs of a solinst water level meter reel to get it into the right position and align the rollers with the front and back faceplates


  8. With the reel still on its side, tighten the gear clamps to secure the Power Winder to the reel. This ensures the Power Winder is tight against end of leg and the rollers are aligned with the reel.
  9. If not already, loosen the black thumb screws on the telescoping arms of the Power Winder, and adjust them to the appropriate length so they fit over the legs of the reel frame. Tighten the thumbscrews to hold the arms in place.
  10. adjusting and fitting leg extesions on power winder to fit solinst water level meter legs


  11. Push down on the roller drive shaft to release the locking pins. The swing arm will pop up and the rollers will engage against the edges of the reel's faceplate and backplate.
  12. solinst power winder with roller show coming into contact with the front faceplate of solinst water level meter



    The 3/32" Allen key supplied on the Power Winder can be used to loosen the two rollers so you can adjust them to fit different width reel hubs. Slide them into the correct positions, then tighten into place.

    The ends of the roller drive shaft is D-shaped for one set screw to tighten onto the flat portion of the "D" and the other set screw will tighten into the round portion of the shaft.

    The rollers can also rotate 180º to suit other reel types. The rollers can also be installed to face inwards to suit narrower reels (keep a minimum spacing of 3/32" to avoid roller wearing against swing arm).

    field technician makes adjustment to tighten roller location of power winder