solinst water level temperature meter

201 Water Level Temperature Meter (WLT)

solinst water level temperature meter

Water level measurement accuracy Solinst is known for, with the addition of convenient temperature profiling.


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What sets our Water Level Temperature Meter apart?


How can the WLT Meter be used?

The WLT Meter is an excellent tool for geothermal drillers, hydrogeologists, hydrologists, aquatic biologists, ecologists and chemists, and environmental scientists.



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solinst power winder installed on 201 water level temperature meter

101 Power Winder

The 101 Power Winder provides both convenience and ease of use for all Solinst reel-mounted devices. It is lightweight and easy to attach to small, medium or large size Solinst reels, and is simple to adjust to fit other reels in the market. Effortlessly wind longer tape lengths.

(Image shows 101 Power Winder Installed on Solinst Model 201 Water Level Temperature Meter)


solinst model 615ml multilevel drive-point system

Drive-Point Multilevel System

The 615ML Multilevel Drive-Point System allows monitoring of up to 6 zones in one drive, using ports with a dual barb stem to attach either ¼" or ⅜" OD tubing. Install using extensions and a Manual Slide Hammer, similar to standard 615 installations, for high-resolution vertical groundwater or soil gas profiling.


solinst model 104 sonic water level meter

Solinst Sonic Water Level Meter

The 104 Solinst Sonic Water Level Meter is a portable, acoustic ranging instrument designed to simply and quickly provide depth to static water level measurements down to 600 m (2000 ft), without the need to lower equipment down a well. Ideal for straight, crooked, narrow, hard to access, or contaminated wells.






solinst model 425 d deep discrete interval sampler

Sample from Depths as Much as 1200 m (4000 ft)

The Model 425-D Deep Sampling Discrete Interval Sampler obtains water or product samples from a specific zone without the need for purging. The sealed sampler is pressurized at depth allowing sample to enter. It is vented and sealed before retrieval to surface, maintaining sample integrity.


Blog Posts & Case Studies

solinst bladder pumps for groundwater sampling

Bladder Pumps for Groundwater Samples

Get further water quality results by taking a groundwater sample using a Solinst Bladder Pump. Bladder Pumps ensure no air/water contact during operation, providing excellent VOC sample results. Read more in a case study where Bladder Pumps were used in a PCE vertical distribution investigation.