Operating Instructions

Tag Line Operating Principles

The Solinst Tag Line uses a weight clipped to a polyethylene coated, permanently marked, stainless steel wireline or laser-marked PVDF flat tape. The weight provides a simple method to measure the depth to the bottom of a well, or the depth to the top of a backfill sand or bentonite layer.

The Tag Line weight is lowered until the cable/tape goes slack, indicating it has reached bottom. The cable/tape is gently pulled up to remove the slack and the measurement is taken from the top of casing or the Tape Guide measurement point.

The weight clips off the cable or tape, which allows it to be used for other applications, such as bailer, bladder pumps, datalogger, or packer deployment.



The Tag Line Reel is not recommended for heavy lift applications (i.e. 4 ft Pumps, and 3 or 4 ft stainless steel Bailers). The reel is just meant to be used as a cable/tape deployment and storage device. When the Tag Line is used as a retrieval device, there may be enough strain and tension on the line to damage the reel if not properly operated. It is recommended that the line is wound onto the reel after relieving tension by raising the line manually.


solinst tag line schematic drawing


Using the Tape Guide

  1. The Tape Guide has been designed to:
    • Improve accuracy when reading depths and easily obtain repeatable measurements,
    • Prevent cable from being cut by well casing,
    • Allow the cable and weight (bailer, pump, etc.) to hang straight from the side of the well.
  2. Feed the cable/tape into and out of the well using the groove in the top of the Tape Guide.
  3. For ease of operation the Tape Guide can be used to support the Tag Line reel (small size only). Simply fit the small end of the Tape Guide onto the edge of the well casing (2" or 50 mm dia. or larger).
  4. Insert the leg of the Tag Line reel into the hole on the Tape Guide and rest the Tag Line on the side of the well casing.


Medium and large reels should be placed on the ground, while using the Tape Guide for protection on sharp well casing edges.


solinst  tape guide



When using the Tape Guide, the measuring point is offset from the top of casing. To adjust your measurements to the top of the casing, subtract the amount indicated on the front of the Tape Guide (i.e. 6 cm or 2/10 ft).



To store the Tape Guide, simply clip it onto the support bracket located on the back of the Tag Line.