Water Level Meters

Water Level Meter - 12V Power Reel Instructions

Water Level Meter Operation

Equipment Check

  1. The level of sensitivity can be adjusted higher or lower by turning the dial clockwise or counter clockwise, and pressing the sensitivity button.
  2. Depress the Battery Test button to test the battery and circuitry.
  3. Submerse the probe in tap water. This completes the circuit and activates the buzzer and light.


Water Level Measurement

The zero measurement point is at the tip of the sensor pin, located at the centre of the P2 Probes, and where the black Delrin tip meets the stainless steel body of the P7 Probes.

The light and buzzer activate when the zero point enters water. To ensure accuracy, lower and raise the probe a few times and then record the depth measurement from the tape at the top of the well.


Using the Tape Guide

The tape guide has been designed to:


Tape Guide

solinst water level meters water level indicators power reel instructions water level measurements using the solinst tape guides reading water levels repeatable water level measurements water level meter power reel operating instructions image When using the tape guide, the measuring point is offset from the top of casing. To adjust your measurements to the top of the casing, simply subtract the amount indicated on the front of the tape guide (i.e. 6 cm or 2/10 ft.).