12V Power Reel Water Level Meter

Water Level Meter - 12V Power Reel Instructions

Operation of the Controller

  1. Set the 'Speed' dial on zero.
  2. Connect to a 12VC DC power supply using the clips provided.
  3. Slowly turn the 'Speed' dial clockwise until the motor just starts to turn.


Motor must be grounded in accordance with the national electrical code and local codes by trained personnel to prevent serious electrical shocks.

If down-hole component gets stuck, do not use power motor. To avoid injury, turn motor off immediately, and attempt retrieval manually.


solinst 101 12v power reel instructions 12v power reel controller operating instructions image


The Power Reel can use heat embossed polyethylene flat tape or Solinst laser-marked flat tape.


Lowering the Tape

When lowering the tape, the speed will be about 2 ft/s, increasing by 2 ft/s for each additional 1000 ft of tape downhole. To reduce the speed increase during lowering, turn the speed dial down gradually. If the speed dial is at its lowest setting (1) and the speed is still too fast, decrease the speed by reversing the reel direction (i.e. rewind). This serves as a dynamic brake, and enables you to stop at the desired depth.


Retrieving the Tape

When rewinding the tape, the speed also depends on the length of tape down-hole. At maximum depth (for longer tapes with 5000 ft down-hole), the speed will be less than 0.2 ft/s, even at the maximum speed setting (8). The speed will gradually increase to 2 ft/s as the tape winds closer to the top of the well.



Input Ratings

- 10 - 16V DC @ 25A

Front Panel Controls

- Integral Fwd/Rev speed dial
- Reset: 25A rating

Ambient Temperature Conditions

- Temperature: 0 - 40˚C
- Humidity: 90% RH or less, non-condensing




The shaft bearings contain grease fittings. After one year, insert multipurpose chassis grease, and re-apply once per year. The gear box is lubricated for life, and should never need to be lubed.



Disconnect power source from motor and any accessory devices and allow motor to come to a complete stand still.