Probe Crimp Terminal Replacement

Tools and Materials Needed

molex crimp terminal female and 1/8 inch x 3/4 inch heat shrink

Molex Crimp Terminal
Female and 1/8"x 3/4"
Heat Shrink

  1. Probe Molex Crimp Terminal Set (set of 10) (#110779)
  2. 1 ft. of 1/8" Heat Shrink (#104114)
  3. Wire Strippers (if required)
  4. Scissors
  5. Molex Crimp Tool (see photo) or Suitable Pliers
  6. Heat Gun


molex 63811-1000 crimp tool

Recommended: Molex 63811-1000 Crimp Tool



  1. Ensure the wire you are connecting the new crimp terminal to has been stripped by 3 mm.
  2. probe crimp terminal replacement - 1


  3. Use the Molex Crimp Tool (2 mm position - see photo at top) or suitable pliers to connect the crimp terminal to the wire. Tug the crimp terminal to ensure it is securely attached to the wire.
  4. probe crimp terminal replacement - 2

    probe crimp terminal replacement - 3


  5. Cut off a 3/4" (19 mm) length of 1/8" heat shrink.
  6. Slide the heat shrink over the crimp terminal so there is only about 1 mm of the crimp showing at the end.
  7. Use the heat gun to seal the heat shrink onto the terminal. Ensure a good seal by pressing with your fingers.
  8. probe crimp terminal replacement - 4


  9. Lay the tape and tape seal plug so the numbers on the tape are facing up. Connect the terminal on the green wire to the brass connector on the top of the tape seal plug and the white wire terminal to the bottom brass tube. Ensure the connectors are pushed all the way onto the brass tubes.
  10. solinst 122 interface meter p8 probe tape seal connection


  11. Slowly twist the probe up to two times. This shortens the wires and allows them to tuck easier into the probe body.
  12. Line up the indents in the probe with the grooves in the tape seal plug. Push the probe past the o-ring, then twist the probe clockwise until the probe seats on the tape seal plug.
  13. Test that the Meter is working correctly (see operating instructions if required).