Tape & Probe Specifications

Laser Marked Flat Tape

The 101D Water Level DrawDown Meter uses corrosion and chemical-resistant flat tape. The tape is non-stretch and high in tensile strength. The thick dog bone design prevents adherence to wet surfaces and allows the tape to hang straight. It is also easy to repair and splice. The 3/8" (10 mm) tape comes with permanent laser markings every 1/100 ft. or each millimeter, in lengths up to 5000 ft. (1500 m).

LM2: Feet and tenths: with markings every 1/100 ft.
LM3: Meters and centimeters: with markings every mm

solinst laser marked flat tape marked to nist and eu measurement standards

Tape accuracy meets NIST and EU measurement standards.


Standard Length Options

The Solinst 101D Water Level DrawDown Meter is available in the following standard lengths:

Small Reel 100 ft. 30 m Medium Reel 500 ft. 150 m
200 ft. 60 m 750 ft. 250 m
300 ft. 100 m 1000 ft. 300 m

Lengths available to 5000 ft. (1500 m).


Water Level DrawDown Probe

The 101D uses the same probe as the 101 P7 Water Level Meter, which is submersible up to 1000 ft. (300 m). The sensor at the tip of the probe provides consistent measurements with almost zero displacement. A protective shroud is included on the probe. The tape seal plug design allows the probe to be quickly and easily replaced if required.

solinst model 101p7 water level probe showing zero point measurement