Model 102M Mini Water Level Indicator Operating Instructions

solinst 102m mini water level indicator front view diagram


Available Probes: P4 (4 mm diameter - no weights) & P10 (10 mm diameter)


Water Level Measurements

  1. The zero measurement point on both P4 and P10 Probes is near the tip.
  2. Feed the cable into the well. If a tape guide is used, lay the cable onto the groove on the top. Measurements will be read at the point of the V-notch on the tape guide. Remember to deduct 2/10 ft or 6.0 cm.
  3. The light and buzzer activate when the probe tip enters water. To ensure accuracy, lower and raise the probe a few times and then record the depth measurement from the cable at the top of the well.

Tape Guide (Optional)

solinst tape guide


Equipment Check

  1. Turn sensitivity dial fully clockwise.
  2. Notes:

    1. Clockwise rotation of sensitivity dial turns meter on and increases sensitivity.
    2. Always set dial to highest sensitivity position, then decrease if necessary.

  3. Depress the Battery Test button to test the battery and main circuitry.
  4. Submerse the probe in tap water. This completes the circuit and activates the buzzer and light.