Model 101B Water Level Meter Faceplate Replacement Instructions

Tools and Materials Needed

  1. Model 101B Water Level Meter Replacement Faceplate Assembly (#112175)
    • with handle, spacer, and light lens installed
    • 3 x Screws
  2. Large Phillips or Robertson Screwdriver
  3. Small Phillips Screwdriver


Back View of 101B Water Level Meter Replacement Faceplate Assembly


  1. Place the reel on a flat workbench with the faceplate up. Undo the three screws from the faceplate, including the screw from the probe holder, and slowly remove the faceplate from the reel.
  2. Remove the battery from the PCB assembly.

  4. Press down on the white terminals, and pull out to remove the tape leads from the PCB assembly.

  6. Use the small Phillips screwdriver to undo the four screws holding the PCB assembly to the old faceplate. Remove the PCB assembly.


    If there are white nylon spacers around each of the four screws, save them to reuse in the next step.

  7. Attach the PCB assembly to the back of the new faceplate using the four screws. Ensure the light on the assembly is positioned correctly in the lens.
  8. Push down on the white terminals and insert the tape leads back into the PCB assembly. Release the terminals and the tape leads should be secured.


    It does not matter which lead goes into which terminal.

  9. Replace the battery in the PCB assembly.
  10. Dip the probe in a glass of tap water. If the connections are correct, the buzzer and light on the Meter will be activated. Check connections if the buzzer and light do not activate.
  11. Attach the new faceplate to the reel using the three screws. Remember to replace the probe holder using the top left screw.