Backplate Replacement

Model 122M Mini Interface Meter: Backplate Replacement

Tools and Materials Needed

  1. 122M SC100 Mini Backplate Assembly (#107947), Includes:
    • Backplate
    • 3 x Phillips Screws
  2. Phillips or Robertson (Square Head) Screwdriver
  3. Retaining Ring Pliers

solinst 122m mini interface meter sc100 reel backplate assembly

122M SC100 Mini Backplate Assembly


  1. Place the reel on a flat surface, with the faceplate up. Remove the battery from the faceplate.
  2. Use the Phillips or Robertson screwdriver to undo the three screws holding the faceplate to the hub.
  3. Remove the faceplate and disconnect the 3 pin Molex connector that attaches the faceplate electronics to the cable/tape.
  4. Secure the cable/tape so it does not slide off the hub.

solinst Model 122M Mini Interface Meter inside hub view

  1. Use the retaining ring pliers to remove the retaining ring holding the hub to the centre rod of the frame. Remove the washer, as well as the ground cable.

solinst model 122m mini interface meter central hub retaining ring removal

  1. Pull the hub and backplate from the frame.
  2. Undo the three screws holding the backplate to the hub.
  3. Secure the new backplate to the hub with the three screws.
  4. Ensure the brake pad is flush with the back of the frame. Slide the hub and new backplate onto the frame.
  5. Replace the washer over the centre rod. Replace the ground cable.
  6. Re-install the retaining ring on the centre rod.
  7. Connect the Molex connector from the faceplate to the cable/tape.
  8. Replace the faceplate by fastening three screws and replace the batteries.

solinst model 122m mini interface meter back view

  1. With the Probe in a glass of tap water and product, turn the Mini Interface Meter on. A steady tone and light indicates a product, while an intermittent tone indicates water. If the buzzer or light do not activate, check the soldered and Molex connections.