Operating Instructions

101 P2 Water Level Meter: Operating Instructions

solinst model 101 p2 water level meter front view

solinst model 101 p2 water level meter back view

Equipment Check

  1. Turn sensitivity dial fully clockwise.

  2. Notes:

    1. Clockwise rotation of sensitivity dial turns meter on and increases sensitivity.
    2. Always set switch to highest sensitivity position, then decrease if necessary.

  3. Depress the Battery Test button to test the battery and main circuitry (does not test the tape or probe).
  4. Submerse the probe in tap water. This completes the circuit and activates the buzzer and light.

The Tape Guide

solinst tape guide


The Tape Guide has been designed to:

  1. Fit the small end of the Tape Guide onto the edge of well casing 2" (50 mm) dia. or larger.
  2. For small reels only, insert the leg of the Water Level Meter into the hole on the Tape Guide and rest the Water Level Meter on the side of the well casing. (See diagram below).
  3. To store the Tape Guide, simply clip it onto the support bracket located on the back of the Water Level Meter.

solinst model 101 p2 water level meter schematic



Water Level Measurements

  1. The Model 101 Water Level Meter P2 Probe zero measurement point is the tip of the needle in the center of the probe.
  2. For ease of operation the Tape Guide can be used to support the Water Level Meter. (See diagram above).
  3. Feed the tape into and out of the well using the groove in the top of the Tape Guide. The light and buzzer activate when the needle tip enters water. To ensure accuracy, lower and raise the probe a few times and then record the depth measurement from the tape at the top of the well.
  4. When using the Tape Guide, the measuring point is offset from the top of casing. To adjust your measurements to the top of the casing, simply subtract the amount indicated on the front of the Tape Guide (ie 6 cm or 2/10 ft).