Model 107 TLC Meter - Temperature, Level and Conductivity

solinst model 107 tlc meter water level water temperature water conductivity meter


solinst model 107 tlc meter idea for profiling conductivity in wells and boreholes

The Model 107 TLC Meter is ideal
for profiling conductivity in wells.

The Model 107 TLC Meter enables accurate profiling of water temperature and conductivity in aquifers, and open water bodies.

Using platinum electrodes, the 19 mm (3/4") diameter TLC Probe measures conductivity readings from 0 - 80,000 µS/cm. The readings are shown as electrical conductivity standardized to 25ºC (Specific Conductance). Accuracy is 5% or 100 µS, whichever is greater.

Conductivity and associated temperature readings, from -15ºC to +50ºC (23ºF to 122ºF), are taken from the LCD display on the reel.

Profiling depths are read from the Solinst laser-marked flat tape, up to 300 m (1000 ft). The tape is accurately laser marked each millimeter or every 1/100 ft., and is certified traceable to national standards.

A standard 9V alkaline battery gives up to 90 hours of on-time and the electronics have an auto-off after 8 minutes of inactivity. Calibration is simple, with a single, or up to 4-point calibration option.

Salinity issues are prevalent worldwide, including saltwater intrusion due to over-pumping of wells and road salt contamination of municipal drinking water wells. The TLC meter is ideal to use in monitoring these situations, or for providing a general indication of water quality in any application.


solinst laser marked flat tape

LM2: Feet and tenths: with markings every 1/100 ft.
LM3: Meters and centimeters: with markings every mm


107 Length Options:
Small Reel 30 m 100 ft.
  60 m 200 ft.
  100 m 300 ft.
Medium Reel 150 m 500 ft.
  250 m 750 ft.
  300 m 1000 ft.