12V Submersible Pump

solinst 12v submersible pump

The Model 415 12V Submersible Pump provides high purge and sampling rates, making it ideal for sampling when using the 3 well volume protocol, or for use when performing constant head tests in high K (hydraulic conductivity) environments.

The 12V Submersible Pump and Pump Controller are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up, deploy and operate. The Pump's sleek, short design ensures it fits easily down nominal 2" OD monitoring wells without any hang-ups.

The 12V Submersible Pump cable connects to the 12V Pump Controller, which then clips to a 12V power source. Simply turn the dial on the 12V Pump Controller clockwise to increase the voltage to the Controller, which turns the Pump's motor faster and increases the flow rate.

The Solinst 12V Submersible Pump is capable of pumping groundwater from 36.5 m (120 ft) below ground surface, with flow rates up to 13.5 L/min (3.6 US gpm) in shallow conditions.