Bladder Pumps and Double Valve Pumps

solinst bladder pumps and double valve pumps

Model 407 Bladder Pumps & Model 408 Double Valve Pumps are each available in two sizes. The stainless steel Pumps are ideal for applications where VOC analysis of the sample is important. They are excellent for most municipal, industrial, and general environmental sampling purposes.

With the Model 407, the bladder does not allow any air to contact the sample water, as such, representative samples are always obtained. PFAS-free PTFE bladders are standard and are ideal for long-term, dedicated use. Optional disposable LDPE bladders are inexpensive and convenient for short-term or one-time use applications.

Double Valve Pumps operate without a bladder, allowing for higher flow rates, and easy disassembly for decontamination. If operated with precision, air will never contact the sample water, producing repeatable, representative samples.

With tubing reels and wells caps, both the Bladder Pumps and Double Valve Pumps have portable and dedicated installation options. Operating these pneumatic Pumps is easy using a 12V Compressor and the custom or pre-set sampling modes built into the Model 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit.


The Model 408M Micro Double Valve Pump is only 3/8" (9.5 mm) in diameter. It is constructed from very flexible coaxial PFAS-free PTFE tubing, with stainless steel fittings and a filter that is simple to clean and replace. This Pump provides low flow sampling from 20 ml/min to 200 ml/min, to depths of 73 m (240 ft.).

The Pump fits in 1/2" (13 mm) ID tubing, making it ideal for sampling in the narrow channels of a Solinst Model 403 CMT® Multilevel System and the 5/8" (16 mm) open tubes of a Model 401 Waterloo Multilevel System.


  Bladder Pump Double Valve Pump
Pump Material Pump Diameter
316 Stainless Steel 1" and 1.66"
(25 mm and 42 mm)
5/8" and 1.66"
(16 mm and 42 mm)
Pump Material Maximum Depth
316 Stainless Steel 500 ft. (150 m) 500 ft. (150 m)
Pump Type Minimum Flow Rate
All 100 ml/min or less 100 ml/min or less
Pump Diameter Maximum Flow Rate
5/8" (16 mm) N/A 700 ml/min
1" (25 mm) 400 ml/min N/A
1.66" (42 mm) 1000 ml/min 1500 ml/min


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