Levelogger Edge Comparison

Model 3001 solinst levelogger edge water level dataloggers solinst levelogger junior edge water level dataloggers
  Levelogger Edge Levelogger Junior Edge
Warranty 3 Years 1 Years
Pressure Transducer Piezoresistive Silicon with Hastelloy Sensor Piezoresistive Silicon with Hastelloy Sensor
Calibrated Ranges 5, 10, 20, 30, 100, 200 m, Atm. Barologger 5, 10 m
Accuracy ± 0.05% FS (Barologger Edge ±0.05 kPa) ± 0.1% FS
Resolution 0.002% FS to 0.0006% FS 0.02% FS to 0.01% FS
Normalization Automatic Temperature Compensation Automatic Temperature Compensation
Calibration Factory – Lifetime calibration Factory – Lifetime calibration
Response Time (90% Thermal Δ) 1 minute/10ºC change 1 minute/1ºC change
Temp Comp Range 0 to +50°C (Barologger Edge -10 to +50ºC) 0 to +40°C
Over-pressure Range 2 X 2 X
Temperature Sensor Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.05°C ± 0.1°C
Temperature Resolution 0.003°C 0.1°C
Operating Temp Range -20 to +80°C -20 to +80°C
Clock Accuracy ± 1 minute / year (-20ºC - +80ºC) ± 1 minute / year (-20ºC - +80ºC)
Battery Life 10 Years (based on 1 reading/min) 5 Years (based on 1 reading/min)
Size 7/8" x 6.25" (22 mm x 159 mm) 7/8" x 5.6" (22 mm x 142 mm)
Weight 4.6 oz. (129 grams) 4.2 oz. (119 grams)
Memory 40,000 readings in FRAM memory, or up to 120,000 readings using data compression option 40,000 readings in FRAM memory, no data compression option
Communication Speed 9600 bps, 38,400 bps with HS USB Optical Reader 9600 bps
Com Interface Optical infra-red: USB, RS232, SDI-12 Optical infra-red: USB, RS232, SDI-12
Memory Modes Continuous or Slate Continuous or Slate
Logging Rates 0.125 sec to 99 hours 0.5 sec to 99 hours
Logging Modes Linear, Event & User-Selectable Schedules with Repeat Mode, Future Start, Future Stop, Real Time View Linear, Real Time View, Future Start
Barometric Compensation Data Wizard and Barologger Edge Data Wizard and Barologger Edge
Corrosion Resistance Titanium based PVD coating and Hastelloy Sensor 316 L Stainless Steel and Hastelloy Sensor
Other Wetted Materials Delrin, Viton, Hastelloy, 316L Stainless Steel Delrin, Viton, Hastelloy, 316L Stainless Steel
Direct Read Capability Yes Yes


Solinst Levelogger App & Levelogger App Interface

A smart alternative for programming, data collection, viewing and sharing, is the Levelogger App Interface that uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect all Levelogger Series products to your smart device running the Solinst Levelogger App (see Model 3001 Solinst Levelogger App & Interface data sheets).


solinst levelogger app and interface

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