solinst levelvent 5 vented water level dataloggers with locking well cap

LevelVent 5

solinst levelvent 5 vented water level datalogger with wellhead manifold vented cable and levelvent datalogger

solinst levelvent 5 vented water level datalogger being lowered into 2 inch locking well cap

Why the Solinst LevelVent 5 is a Great Choice:

The LevelVent 5 is designed to provide instantly accurate water level data, without the need for barometric compensation. If you need true water level data right on site, without running any data compensation routines, the LevelVent 5 is the right choice for your water level monitoring application.


Where to Use the LevelVent 5:




Versatile Submersible Water Level Transmitter

301 water level temperature sensor

The 301 Water Level Temperature Sensor provides the option of highly accurate water level transmission using multiple protocols – MODBUS and SDI-12 – for a wide variety of applications. This compact, all-in-one submersible hydrostatic level transmitter provides continuous, stable water level and temperature readings, with options for absolute and gauged pressure sensors.


Discover Anywhere Monitoring

solSat 5 telemetry system

SolSat 5 is a telemetry system that leverages Iridium satellite technology to provide global connectivity for Solinst 5 Series dataloggers. It uses low cost TextAnywhere global satellite messaging to send remote data to a secure web portal. It features a robust weatherproof enclosure for installation almost anywhere. Features built-in Wi-Fi setup app, solar panel, and barometer.


Solinst Readout Unit (SRU)

solinst readout unit (sru)

The Solinst Readout Unit (SRU) is a rugged, handheld device designed to connect to a deployed Solinst datalogger and display instant water level readings – with the option of automatic barometric compensation. Real-time logging and downloaded data can be saved and transferred to a PC. Quickly check the datalogger's status.


Plug and Play Telemetry

solinst levelsender 4g with built in sim card

Already own Leveloggers? Quickly and easily upgrade your monitoring wells with LevelSender Telemetry. The 4G LevelSender 5 telemetry system features an optional Solinst SIM card. It is set up for you in advance—with a low-cost plan managed by Solinst! An internal barometer provides automatically compensated water level readings; set high/low level alarms.


Drive-Point Multilevel System

solinst model 615ml multilevel drive-point system

The 615ML Multilevel Drive-Point System allows monitoring of up to 6 zones in one drive, using ports with a dual barb stem to attach either ¼" or ⅜" OD tubing. Install using extensions and a Manual Slide Hammer, similar to standard 615 installations, for high-resolution vertical groundwater or soil gas profiling.


Solinst Sonic Water Level Meter

solinst model 104 sonic water level meter

The 104 Solinst Sonic Water Level Meter is a portable, acoustic ranging instrument designed to simply and quickly provide depth to static water level measurements down to 600 m (2000 ft), without the need to lower equipment down a well. Ideal for straight, crooked, narrow, hard to access, or contaminated wells.