5.9 Levelogger Gold Setup

This section briefly describes the Levelogger Gold, Barologger Gold and Levelogger Junior setup.

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Figure 5-17 Levelogger Gold Settings


Click on icons to get an explanation of that software feature.

Select the appropriate COM or USB Port for the connected communications device from the centre drop-down menu.

Click to retrieve the current settings from the connected datalogger.


Channel Information

Level Channel (Ch1)


Temperature Channel (Cp)

Sample and Memory Modes


The Levelogger Junior records using Linear sampling mode only.

Sample Mode, allows you to choose the sampling measurement type. Options are Linear, Event-based and Schedule.


Starting and Stopping the Levelogger

There are two ways to start logging: Start Now or by programming a Future Start time.


To start logging immediately, do not fill in a Future Start time and click, . It should say Start Now below the icon to indicate an immediate start. Any changed settings will automatically be applied to the datalogger, and it will start logging. Datalogger Status will change from Stopped to Started.

After the datalogger is started, and begins collecting readings, the Start icon will be greyed out, and only the Stop icon and Future Stop settings will be active.

Check Future Start 'At' to set logging to start at a later date and/or time. This Start mode is referred to as Future Start in the Status field. Click to apply the Future Start time and any changes to the datalogger settings.

When the Future Start time is reached, the datalogger will start logging and the Status will change from Future Start to Started.


To stop the datalogger immediately when it is logging, click , (it should say Stop Now below the icon).

The Levelogger can be stopped at any time before it reaches the maximum reading capacity. Starting again begins a new recording session and clears previously stored data readings.

It is critical to note that when Leveloggers log data in Slate mode, it means they will record data until stopped or their memory is full. When the memory fills, the datalogger will stop recording. For this reason, it is important to determine, based on your start time and sampling rate, the date and time at which the memory will be full and the datalogger will stop recording. Levelogger Gold units record in Slate mode if Event, Schedule, or Compressed logging, but in standard Linear mode they can be set to Slate or to Continuous logging.