5 Levelogger Edge Series Setup


Depending on your Levelogger type, there will be different programming options. See Table 1-1 for the major differences. See Section 5.9 for programming the Levelogger Gold, Barologger Gold, and Levelogger Junior.

After you start the Levelogger Software, the main Levelogger Software window will appear, with the Datalogger Settings tab open.

solinst leveloggers levelogger edge 5 levelogger edge series setup levelogger edge setup levelogger software datalogger settings window image

Figure 5-1 Datalogger Settings Tab


Click on icons to get an explanation of that software feature.

Select the appropriate COM or USB Port for the connected communications device from the centre drop-down menu.

Click to retrieve the current settings from the connected datalogger.


When first setting up a Barologger and Levelogger(s) that will be used for the same project, it is suggested to set them at the same sampling interval, and to use the Future Start and Stop options where possible. When the data sets have the same time stamps, and start and stop times, barometric compensation of the data will be most accurate. It is also useful to synchronize the clocks of the dataloggers. See Section 5.4.